RCC News Blast May 5th

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Posted By: David Murphree
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Date Posted: Wed, May 5 2021

May 5, 2021
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  • Rehearsals resume June 1st, recurring weekly
  • Perform National Anthem for the Trash Pandas Baseball on July 7th, Madison
  • Patriotic Performance - August 27th, Most Merciful Jesus Catholic Church, Madison
From the Secretary

Hey Barbershoppers.  I am excited to get back to singing with all of you.  We have some business to take care of soon.  With the return to singing, we need to also take care of our membership with BHS.  Please consider going to barbershop.org and renewing your lapsed/expired dues at your earliest convenience.  Before the pandemic we were 34 members strong, we are down to half of that now.  

Also, with the return to rehearsals and performances, it is time to mark your availability on the rocketcitychorus.org under the events menu.  If you have issues with your login, just contact me at webmaster@rocketcitychorus.org and I will help as soon as I can.

All of the songs we will be preparing for should have learning tracks on the website, except Amazing Graze and Armed Forces Medley.  We will soon have learning track for those.

Thank you in advance.
- David

NEW ITEM: We are scheduled to sing the National Anthem for the Rocket City Trash Pandas Minor League Baseball Team at Toyota Field in Madison on July 7th.  More news to come....

From our VP of Music & Performance
As was mentioned Tuesday on the Zoom meeting, we have decided to restart chorus rehearsals on 1 June 2021.  The location will be a temporarrry location of Mayfair Church of Christ on Carl T Jones Dr, in Huntsville, until First Baptist Church allows us back in.

We will be limited to 35 person to gather just inside the main front door entrance.  The doors will be open and masks will be equired inside the building until we are seated in the chair, at which time it will be an individual decision on removing the mask.  There will be chairs already set up for our use,  We do not have to do any sanitizing when we leave for the night.  We will need to leave the chairs set up in the configuration we find them.  If you go to the bathroom, you need to wear the mask.  These are the only restrictions the church is going to place on us.

In preparation for the performance at Mercy (Norms church) on 27 Aug, we are asking each of you to start reviewing the songs that we are planning on doing at the event.  You should already have tracks and music for the majority of the songs.  We ask that you at least go to the website and to our music library and download the tracks for the songs if you do not have them.  Start listening to them and be ready to jump right in to polishing, once we restart. - Jim
Director's Corner

We are excited about restarting rehearsals and getting back into performing. The songs below are largely Patriotic with a few others that the Chorus has done before.  We intentionally picked music that we can bring up tp speed quickly and support audience participation.

Our first chorus performance is currently scheduled for 27 August 2021, Mercy Catholic Church. Our experience with the Mercy audiences has been outstanding. They requested we come back in August and again during the Christmas season.

Our first rehearsal is scheduled for 1 June 21. We will go over the songs below (using the music) then sing these songs from memory. So please get them memorized/rememorized before you come to rehearsal. THANK YOU!!

More to come in the following weeks. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL ON THE FIRST!!! - Norm

Songs (8) to Prepare for on 1 June: The Old Songs/Down Our Way, National Anthem, Amazing Grace, Hello Mary Lou, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Armed Forces Medley, Keep The Whole World Singing.

Songs (16) to Prepare For By August:
The Old Songs/Down Our Way, National Anthem, Amazing Grace, God Bless America, Hi Neighbor, *You're a Grand Ole Flag, Hello Mary Lou, Lion Sleeps Tonight, I've Ben Working on the Railroad, Ain't Misbehavin, *Please Mr Columbus,  God Bless the USA, Beach Boys Medley, Armed Forces Medley, Keep The Whole World Singing.

The * means you may not have music at this time but that will be worked on in the near future.  You can at least be listening to the songs.

David Murphree
Rocket City Chorus