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Norm Myers, a bass, joined our chorus in 2017 and became Director Rocket City Chorus in 2018. Norm started his musical career as an instrumentalist (brasses). He attended the Philadelphia Musical Academy on part scholarship in 1966. Norm transferred to Temple University, School of Music, Philadelphia, PA in 1967.  He graduated from Temple in 1970 with a bachelor degree in music education (BME). During his time at Temple University he studied under many members of the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra and the great choral director Robert Page. Along with teaching music at Bishop Kennedy High school (1968-1970) Norm also played bass guitar for weddings, local theaters (Broadway shows) and in several dance bands. After being commissioned a Lieutenant in the United States Army (1970) Norm continued to play and direct numerous choral groups / church choirs wherever he was assigned. In 1985-1987 Norm was selected to serve as an exchange officer with the British Army, Oxford England. During this assignment Norm used his musical talents to direct the US Air Force Upper Heyford Air Force Base MWR Choraleers travelling troupe. This 35 member travelling troupe toured all over England providing “good will” and outstanding vocal and instrumental performances. After a 26 year career in the US Army COL Norm Myers retired in 1996, Redstone Arsenal.  Although retired from the military Norm continued to serve (with some breaks) as the Catholic and Protestant Choir Director at Redstone Arsenal till 2017. Norm is currently the Director of Music at the recently established Mercy Catholic Church in Madison Alabama.  He became Director of the Rocket City Chorus in 2017.  He looks forward to growing the Huntsville Chapter and performing outstanding barbershop music for the Huntsvile, Athens and Madison communities.

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated men who are committed to enriching the lives of its members and of our community through wonderful a cappella harmonies sung in the barbershop style. We believe in musical excellence through preparation, and strive to achieve the highest level of quality through our performances.

The Rocket City Chorus is the performing chorus of the Huntsville Metropolitan Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  We are part of the world’s largest all male singing organization, headquartered just up the road in Nashville Tennessee and is dedicated to upholding the traditions of a uniquely American musical form.  Our vision is to be the premier membership organization for men who love to sing.   Organized in Huntsville over 50 years ago, we seek to promote and preserve barbershop music as an art form.  It is music in a very pure form, created with nothing but human voices coming together to create a sound pleasing to the ears and invigorating to the soul.  We contribute many hours singing for community service projects, local charities, area churches, schools, hospitals and many other organizations.  ​

About Us

Barbershop Harmony Society


Extended Chords
This quartet was originally formed in 2011 with Tom Reed - Baritone, Collin Bagwell - Bass, Lloyd Unfred - Tenor and Frank Houck – Lead as the original members.  As the quartet matured changes occurred. Lloyd was replaced by Brenden Leonard. Tom left the quartet and Collin moved to Baritone.  Dick Savage was added to fill the Bass position.  Since Collin was holding a position with the Dixie District and then was elected as President of our local chapter, he left the quartet to devote more time to the office.  He was replaced at Baritone by Ken Reed. Brenden decided to get married and moved to Florida and was replaced by Donovan DeArment.  Extended Chords has sung during the chorus performances at Panoply, Cabaret, Assisted Living Facilities, Birthday Parties, Singing Valentines, and Christmas Shows over the years.

Current members singing in the quartet are

                 Singing Lead is Frank Houck

                Singing Bass is Frank (Dick) Savage

                Singing Tenor is Donovan DeArment

                Singing Baritone is Ken Reed.


Should you need these gentlemen to perform at an event for you, all you have to do is contact the Extended Chords at edandfw@knology.net.



The M4 quartet was started as the result of an idea by Frank Houck (Lead), to have a small unit that could honor the dearly departed.  Not everyone can be expected to have large organized singing groups sing for their funeral.  It was his dream that the quartet could perform a few meaningful songs that could be sung to honor the individual during at the final celebration of their life.  All members of the quartet are active in other quartets as well as the M4 quartet.  All of them are all active in church activities and are willing to share their talents in honoring the individual, one final time.  Frank Houck sings lead, while Dick Savage adds the foundation to the quartet while singing bass.  The quartet is rounded out with Donovan DeArment singing the tenor while Jim Savage (normally a tenor) adds the baritone.  We all believe this is a “Christ like” way to honor those that have departed this world and to add some sort of peace to the remaining family and friends.  The quartet also has a small number of other songs of different styles they could perform.  M4 was chosen as the name for this quartet as all members attend Mayfair Church of Christ.  Should anyone be interested in having these guys sing for your event, contact Frank (edandfw@knology.net) to determine availability of M4.   


The History of the Rocketeers

The Rocketeers registered as a quartet with the Barbershop Harmony Society in August 2006. With all members working on Redstone Arsenal, and Huntsville being "The Rocket City", the Rocketeers was the final choice of quartet names. Through their short history together the Rocketeers have performed at various events to include Decatur Civic Chorus 2007 production of the Music Man and a couple of shows presented by Decatur Civic Chorus, singing the National Anthem for the Huntsville Stars home games, Patriot's Day ceremonies on Redstone Arsenal, Veteran's Day Parade, Huntsville's Memorial Day 2017 ceremony at Veteran's Park, Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville's Concerts in the Park, Madison's Gazebo concert series, Decatur's Concert by the River series, Athens's Concerts on the Square series, Huntsville's Sidewalk Arts Stroll 2013, Huntsville Women's and Children's Hospital  Children's Ward, various nursing homes and assisted living centers, several local high schools, North Alabama Hospice, several local churches, and private parties. The Rocketeers also auditioned for Huntsville's Home Grown Talent contest and was selected as a finalist. Their motto is "Keep the Whole World Singing" and are dedicated toward the preservation of the Barbershop Quartet Singing art form with lightheartedness and joy.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just enjoy everything for what it is.  Contact AD Barksdale at abarksdale@pclnet.net  or Jim Savage at savagejd@comcast.net for availability of the quartet.