6:30pm, Tue, Oct 15 2019

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Duration: 2:00
    Venue: Folks

    a couple of thoughts and the plan for next week's rehearsal follows.

    Reference rehearsal Saturday 19 October - as I mentioned Tuesday night we may have to change this rehearsal date - 13 of 30 folks have responded - so far 9 plan on attending. Again, if you have not updated your attendance in the website please take a few moments to do so or get one of us to help you. I plan on discussing our date options next Tuesday.

    Plan for Tuesdays rehearsal:

    630 Warm-up / announcements / Tag #1/ Then sing the Old Songs
    645 Jingle Bell Rock / Little St Nick / Text Me Merry Christmas (introduction to the song) / Songs of Christmas
    730 Break
    735 Sectionals (Rudolph/Silver Bells / Text Me)
    805 Full Chorus - selections from the above
    825 Keep the Whole World Singing
    830 Safe travels

    My sincerest thanks to all for our steady growth and improvements. My expectation is that each performance will be better than the last - this means consistently raising the bar!!! So, please take advantage of the website learning tracks and come to rehearsal prepared as best you can. Please let your section lead or myself know when your having problems. We are here to help!! Lastly - please continue to memorize words/music on the songs we have worked thus far. John emailed an excel sheet with target dates for memorizing our entire Christmas program. This may change somewhat as we tackle the tougher songs. Christmas will be here before you know!!

    Many thanks to all!! Hope to se "ya all" soon.